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Operator chairs are the ideal office chair to use if you sit for long periods of time at a desk. With the option of fixed or adjustable arms, and lots of adjustable features, operator chairs offer the user the maximum adjustment to find their ideal seating position, reducing the chance of repetitive strain injury and the back pains that are often associated with sitting for long periods of time.

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Without a doubt, the right office chairs make a massive difference to your work environment. When it comes to selecting the right office chair, do you know what to look for? With so many different office chairs out there, it’s hard to determine which chairs will be ergonomically suitable for the way you work. The right office chair is going to support you in all the right ways and look good at the same time.

If you already know the type or style of chair you want, then you are halfway to getting your new office chair and you’ll easily find the perfect one for you. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or would like to know more about seating mechanics and what you’re buying, then we’ve put together the handy guide below or follow the link to our site Seating Mechanism Explained

A good work chair should be:

  • fit for the intended purpose, enabling you to move freely and carry out tasks comfortably and efficiently
  • able to accommodate everyone who intends to use it, regardless of size or shape
  • supportive of your body in several comfortable postures
  • suited to your workstation, especially the height of the table or desk and the layout of the equipment on it.

How long will you be using the chair for?

  • occasionally - less than 2 hours a day
  • working part-time between 2 to 4 hours a day
  • more than 4 hours a day - full time

The longer you’re using the chair, the more adjustable features you’ll need. All the adjustments should be within easy reach and you should be able to operate them, while seated, with minimal effort. Lumbar support is essential if you’re going to use the chair for long periods

Will anyone else be using your chair?

If s/he is quite different to you in height, weight and build, then you’ll need a chair which easily adjusts for each of you and has height-adjustable lumbar support.

Typically when you’re working in an office, you’ll spend a lot of time sitting down to work. Sitting in that same position for long periods of time adds stress to your spine. To help avoid these kinds of problems it’s ideal to select a chair that has an ergonomic design. Many people mistake ergonomic as an actual type of chair, but it really means that the chair helps support the lower back and encourages you to keep a proper posture.

Sufficient Support

A truly ergonomic office chair will be designed to aid you in your working environment. Allowing you to work better and for longer amounts of time, they ultimately result in greater efficiency. Sculpted to the body to support the lumbar region and the natural s-shape of the spine, a good quality seat will encourage correct posture. This will help to prevent neck strain, back pain and a host of other health problems in later life. Promoting good circulation, they will also work to minimise discomfort and fatigue, whilst ample padding will go a long way in delivering a comfortable and cushioned seating experience.

Seat Material & Size

The material used on the seat will affect the overall look of the chair as well as how it feels when you sit on it.Fabric is a popular choice due to its breathability, however mesh is another great option. Not quite so dense, it allows air to circulate to prevent you from overheating. Yet whilst fabric is susceptible to staining, highly durable Faux leather delivers a low maintenance, wipe clean surface that’s immensely practical. Alternatively, Real leather exudes a luxurious aesthetic with an enduring finish that won’t crack or peel. For more helpful information.

The overall seat width is also something to bear in mind, especially in busy or compact office environments. Providing sufficient room, the ideal chair will be wide enough that you don’t feel constrained or hemmed in, yet slim enough to fit between any drawers or under desk storage.

Backrests & Armrests

When seated for prolonged periods of time, it’s especially important the lower part of your back is supported. For sufficient comfort we would suggest a mid-height backrest at the very least, ergonomically sculpted to the natural s-shape curve of the spine to best sustain your lumbar region. For premium support you can opt for an elevated backrest with a cushioned head pillow, which will help to take the strain off your neck and shoulders. Similarly, Armrests make for a more relaxing seat by providing a natural resting spot for the arms. Whilst some are padded with foam for extra comfort, these can be a little larger, so we recommend you measure your desk beforehand to ensure they will fit beneath. Others are adjustable, moving up and down, so you can tailor the chair to your individual needs.



These are the standard type of chair that your everyday desk worker would expectto use.They provide a comfortable seat for people working at a computer chair for hours.

Operator chairs come in manydifferent styles with a few different features.As standard,they will feature a plastic base with a decent swivel castors for movability.The adjustment mechanism tends to be basic,offering the ability to change the seat height,back height and the back-angle adjustment.



Higher-end Task chairs will come with more adjustment features such as seat slide position and adjustable backs for better lumbar support. Some even have a headrest, and adjustable lumbar support, If you tend to sit and work for more than 6 hours at a time, it’s worth knowing that cheaper chairs will not be as suitable for working in for long periods of time. Operator chairs come in a wide range of materials. The seats will tend to be a moulded plastic shell with adequate padding, finished in different materials such as fabric, leather, and even mesh.



Executive chairs tend to be larger with more adjustments options making them much more comfortable. The seat tends to be longer with deeper padding. Backs tend to be higher and also have deeper padding.Top quality executive chairs will have a metal base with robust castors. The mechanisms underneath the chair will be metal and the seat itself tends to be metal or moulded plastic with padding finished in either real leather or a leatherette material. Cheaper versions will look the same but may have moulded plastic backs with a dark fabric or faux-leather finish.



better level of comfort than fabric foam back chairs, the will have the same mechanisms and functions as the operator chairs Mesh chairs will come with different level of functions and adjustments, these are mainly similar to on operator chair as the backs tend to be mesh they mould into the shape of your back and tend to give a



Are as described, they are tested to be used 24/7 ideal for use in the most severe working environments including call centres and control rooms. These multi-shift chairs are designed and tested to withstand 24 hours per day use with and are available in a wide choice of shapes, sizes and finishes. 24-hour office chairs are highly adjustable chairs, allowing the next shift worker to simply sit down, adjust the chair to his/her comfortable position and work in comfort for long periods of time. The materials used are of a better quality as they have to with stand constant use, they are either in fabric, leather or mesh.

10 Popular Office Furniture and Layout Trends

12 Oct 2018


Private offices are no longer the trend and this has made way for the open floor plan design,Everyone from the Managing Director to the office temp are now out in the open,which makes working life have a good feel factor and not fear factor behind closed doors.


Standing desks help to promote a healthy office environment and some staff find this more productive than sitting at a desk all day.


This helps to create an open plan space as well as providing a quiet space or when meetings are in place to give that extra sound barrier so as not to disturb the general office ,but still giving that open space feel.


A survey showed open plan kitchen and lounge area help create that free time area to eat or have some down time are becoming more common in modern offices.


lots of companies are now transferring physical files to cloud, Cloud based computing helps reduce the need to store files in large bulky storage units or filing cabinets on site and make the office feel more streamline.


More companies are creating comfortable areas of their office full of couches and lounge chairs to give employees a place to relax and work on their laptops.


Between laptops,phones and other electronic devices can make a room full of desks appear very disorganised,so under the desk storage is a very popular solution now to create a clutter free office environment.


Bringing in more natural elements into the work space provides benefits. Plants create an element of nature that also helps with are purity.


Open office environments also mean the elimination of assigned seating. Many refer this to hot-desking and enables the employee to work from any available work station.


Employee health and wellness are becoming such an important factor,many large companies now have onsite fitness centers to help keep the employees happy and healthy.

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Filing Cabinet Buying Guide!

27 Jul 2018

What type of filing cabinet to choose

There are different types of filing cabinets to choose from, there is vertical, lateral, mobile and multi-drawer cabinets. Choosing what is best for your business and office environment is key. These units are ideal for storing and organising everything from paperwork, to equipment, to stationery supplies. Office file cabinets make it easy for you to access what you need, when you need it.

Filing Cabinet options.

  • Vertical
  • Multi-drawer
  • Mobile
  • Lateral


  • Locking
  • Anti-tilt mechanism
  • Drawer size
  • Suspension flies
  • Handles
  • Fireproofing


Now you have to decide what will it be used for, how much space do you have, what are my colour options, these are all questions to be asked first before you have a look at the vast array of options at your disposal. Once you have worked out your requirements its straight forward to go and pick the size and design Oh and colour!

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Are you ready for GDPR

15 May 2018

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become enforceable. The regulation aims to give control over personal data back to individuals by strengthening and unifying data protection regulation within the European Union. The impact of the regulation will be far-reaching, as it applies to any company that holds or processes personal data of individuals residing within the European Union.

The penalty for GDPR non-compliance is up to €20M or 4% of annual global turnover. The cost of ignoring GDPR is too high, forcing corporations to revaluate the way they handle consumer data, and to install new processes and technologies enabling the consumers right to “own” their data.

“Nobody really knows what’s going to happen when the clock strikes midnight on May 25,” says Dan Frank, principal with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Cyber Risk Services. “I have heard, speaking to a lot of my EU-based colleagues, that it’s going to take a while for regulatory authorities to conduct their investigations. We may see it take six, eight-whatever months in order for these regulatory actions to come out. Until there’s an incident, you don’t necessarily have a problem.”

In other words, even if you’re late to the game with your GDPR compliance program, you should still get started.

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How to choose the best office chair for tall employees!

03 Apr 2018

How is the best way to choose a chair for the taller person in work.Well it is to get that person or persons involved in the search process from the beginning as not all chairs will suit everyone.Ask them what type of chair they are looking for and take it from there,there is hundreds of chairs to choose from and getting it right first time will have a positive affect on that persons well-being.

Points to stick to:

  • Make sure you check the chair is the correct height from the ground to the top of the seat not all chairs start and finish at the same height.
  • The back should be fully adjustable up and down and back and forward.
  • Seat-slide for extra comfort.
  • The seat must be adjustable to suit the operator (height and tilt)
  • Seat should be stable and comfortable
  • Should have at least five legs
  • The backrest shall be able to tilt and adjust
  • A lumbar support could be beneficial

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3 Reasons why you might have the incorrect chair at work!

14 Mar 2018

Are you using the incorrect chair at work do you have to move around to get comfortable, well it could be you are using the wrong chair and as an employer we must make sure all our staff are comfortable as this creates a happy working environment. We offer an in-depth discussion with the person or persons that is in need of the correct office chair.

Employees who are sitting in badly set-up DSE chairs and adopting poor seated postures run the risk of developing problems such as general discomfort or aches and pains in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back or legs. If you work at a computer workstation, whether at a fixed desk location or ‘hot desking’, You have to make sure you are correctly using the equipment supplied. Always pay attention to how you are using your chair your new chair should be supplied with users instructions, Remember the chair won’t be set up for your use as it will have been manufactured and all components tested to make sure they are in working order, if you following the below brief guidance this should help you correctly set up your chair and feel confident to make minor adjustments as necessary.

1. Chair Height

You should be able to adjust the height of your chair so that your forearms are approximately parallel to floor and your feet are on the floor. If your feet don’t reach the floor when your arms are in the correct position, use a footrest. Hips should be slightly higher than your knees, to help blood flow up your legs.

2. Back and pelvis support

The chair should offer adequate support for your back and for your lumbar region lower back. On some chairs you may also be able to adjust the tilt of the seat base(seat Tilt) in relation to the back support. This will help provide a comfortable angle for your pelvis and hips in relation to your torso. On some chairs you will be able move the seat base backwards and forwards (Seat Slide) so the depth of the seat can be adjusted to suit you.


Chairs do not need to have arms fitted. Where arms are fitted, they should be adjustable. Chair arms in a fixed position tend to restrict your ability to sit close enough to the desk, leading to poor seated postures and discomfort. If this is the case, it is advisable to remove the chair arms.

If you dont think you have any of the above you may have the wrong chair and this will effect you work,speak with you line manager to find out how to get a risk assessment!

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Operator chairs

07 Mar 2018


These are the standard type of chair that your everyday desk worker would expect to use. They provide a comfortable seat for people working at a computer for hours at a time.

Operator Chairs come in many different styles with a few different features. As standard, they will feature a plastic base with decent swivel castors for movability. The adjustment mechanism tends to be basic, offering the ability to change the seat height, back height and the back-angle adjustment.

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