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Filing Cabinet Buying Guide!

27 Jul 2018

What type of filing cabinet to choose

There are different types of filing cabinets to choose from, there is vertical, lateral, mobile and multi-drawer cabinets. Choosing what is best for your business and office environment is key. These units are ideal for storing and organising everything from paperwork, to equipment, to stationery supplies. Office file cabinets make it easy for you to access what you need, when you need it.

Filing Cabinet options.

  • Vertical
  • Multi-drawer
  • Mobile
  • Lateral


  • Locking
  • Anti-tilt mechanism
  • Drawer size
  • Suspension flies
  • Handles
  • Fireproofing


Now you have to decide what will it be used for, how much space do you have, what are my colour options, these are all questions to be asked first before you have a look at the vast array of options at your disposal. Once you have worked out your requirements its straight forward to go and pick the size and design Oh and colour!

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